I have no time for false worship.  I am an old world deity, I demand tribute in the form of treasure or blood.  Tribute shows your devotion and desire to please your Goddess.

I love to be pampered and showered with gifts.  It brings Me joy to share pictures in or with your gifts, private pictures by request or show off your devotion for all to see…Treasure brings Me great pleasure!

  • Amazon Wishlist
  • Gift cards for some of My favorite stores
  • Spa, mani/pedi, hair treatments

In case you need a reason:
My birthday is February 9th


Are you unsure how to express your devotion?  Perform small tasks for My amusement and enjoyment.

You can apply to serve Me in person (Here), submit your mind and body to Training (Here), and submerse yourself in My world to fuel your devious desires and devotion to your Goddess.