Protocol & Rules


Contacting Me
  • Be polite and respectful.  Rude or obscene messages will be ignored.
  • Introduce yourself.  First impressions are important, show Me you are worth considering.
  • Tell Me about your interests, experience, limits.  Do they align with Mine?
  • Double check your email for spelling and grammar.  I’m not going to waste My time attempting to interpret an email.  If I can’t easily read it, it will not be considered.
  • I’m not your penpal, I won’t engage in small talk and chit chat.  Be direct and get to the point.
  • No dick pics…if you assault My eyes with your unsolicited penis, you will be blocked and ignored.
  • You may address Me as “Goddess” or “Ma’am”
Pre Session
  • Send your deposit to ensure your spot is secure.
  • Hygiene: shower, shave, brush your teeth, wear clean underwear, put on deodorant…Do NOT come to a session with bad breath or BO, you’ll be sent home.
  • Any specific instructions will be given to you when you book an appointment.
  • Eat.  I will ask when the last you ate and drank water, we don’t want you to pass out.
  • DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES BEFORE YOUR SESSION!!!! I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, it makes Me sick and I will not deal with it.  Please make sure you don’t stink (hands, clothes, breath).
During a Session
    • Don’t touch Me without explicit permission
    • Be on time.  Don’t arrive early, I use a public dungeon and you may be interrupting someone else’s scene.
    • Text Me once when you arrive, I will let you know when it’s acceptable to come in.
    • Turn your ringer off while inside the location.  There are few things that kill the mood faster than a cell phone going off.
    • Tribute shall be in an unsealed envelope and placed in plain sight upon arrival.
    • Maintain proper protocol at all times.
    • Talk to Me! Communication is crucial for your safety
Post Session
  • Follow your aftercare instructions