Online Training

Online/Distance training is ideal for anyone who is unable to meet with Me regularly.  I enjoy long term in-person training, but I understand that it’s not a possibility for everyone.  The next best thing to real life training is a structured online training program.

Call Me

Call or chat with Me 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11518792 (niteflirt)

Tell Me all your deepest, darkest secrets….


Not ready to commit to a full training program? Start with a single task emailed to you, tasks range from silly to severe depending on My mood and your interests.  You may request a task after submitting payment.


Keyholding/Chastity Training

Are you new to chastity? This is a good place to start.  I will take control of your chastity, freeing your mind from the distractions so you can focus on more important things like hobbies, work, and worshiping your Goddess.  You will receive two tasks chosen for My amusement and your goals, one for lock up and the second for release.


To apply for chastity or keyholding, email

Subject line: Chastity Training

Long-term Formal Training

Do you desire to submit fully to your Goddess but you’re too scared or far away to see Me in person?  Are you consumed with fantasies of becoming My pet or sissy?  Do you crave the sweet freedom of submission?

You may enroll in Formal training, this is the closest you can get to becoming My personal slave and devotee.  This program is not for the feint of heart, I am a demanding Goddess.  I will guide you through your development as a submissive, teach you how to serve Me, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.  This goes beyond the dungeon and impacts all aspects of your life.  I will build you into the perfect disciple, blessing you with the freedom of submission.  This is an intense lifestyle training regiment, customized to your personal goals and interests. You will remain in chastity for the duration of the program to prevent distractions and to remind you who you belong to.

Training is conducted through a combination of email and skype, you will be blessed with special access to your Goddess and I will be very active in your training.


To apply for a formal training program, send an email to

Subject line: Distance Training