I hate repeating Myself. As a professional and lifestyle Domina, My time is incredibly valuable and I won’t allow it to go to waste. It is your responsibility to read through the information provided, answer questions, and be prepared to serve.

For your sake, please refer to the FAQ prior to contacting Me.

I will NOT respond if your question has already been answered.  I don’t oblige laziness or unwillingness/lack of ability to follow directions.

Contacting Domina Banshee

You may humbly approach by sending an email to BettieBanshee@protonmail.com
My office hours are Mon-Fri 9-6, I will return phone calls and emails during that time. Communication received outside of normal business hours will be dealt with the following business day.

It is a privilege to be in service and allowed to worship, you are not entitled to My time or attention.

Additional information regarding in person service, private sessions, and events

Long term and distance training and keyholding information.

When contacting Me
  • Be polite and respectful.  Rude or obscene messages will be ignored.
  • Introduce yourself.  First impressions are important, show Me you are worth considering.
  • Tell Me about your interests, experience, limits.  Do they align with Mine?
  • Double check your email for spelling and grammar.  I’m not going to waste My time attempting to interpret an email.  If I can’t easily read it, it will not be considered.
  • I’m not your penpal, I won’t engage in small talk and chit chat.  Be direct and get to the point.
  • No dick pics…you will be blocked and ignored.
  • You may address Me as “Goddess”, “Domina” or “Ma’am”
  • Include a deposit or contribute to the dungeon, show that you are serious and appreciative of My time.


I am available for private sessions, public events and appearances, photo/video shoots, and fetish and burlesque performances.
Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance, same day appointments may be available while I’m traveling. Deposits are required to confirm the appointment. I will NOT confirm an appointment without a deposit, I recommend sending it as soon as possible.

“What do You do?”

Private/semi-private Sessions

Private fantasy sessions allow you to indulge your fetishes in a safe, discrete environment.  I offer instruction and guided BDSM exploration. Usually a one-on-one session, couples are also welcome.

Online/Distance training

Customized online training programs to guide you and help you reach your goals. Details and available programs can be found on the Online Training page.

Dominant Companionship

Dinner, drinks, coffee, shopping…spend time basking in My glory in a casual or public setting. I love deep, intellectual conversations, socializing, and getting to know what makes you tick.


BDSM and kink education for conventions and events.  I enjoy attending conferences, meeting likeminded folks, and sharing My experience and philosophy to make the kink world a better, safer, and more inclusive place.  I speak on a number of topics including kink psychology, risk/harm reduction in BDSM practices, and various play techniques (medical, electrical, and CBT are some of My favorites).   


I am a Femdom fetish performer and producer. I am also available to model for pinup, alternative, fetish, and fashion projects. I’m a burlesque performer and love to combine My favorite forms of expression. Burlesque acts range from sweet to scary to give the audience a fantastic experience.

Workshops, intensives, and group events

I host weekend (or longer) Femdom intensive retreats. Put your life on hold and answer the call to serve Dominant women in luxury. Held quarterly on an alternating basis, choose the vacation that fits your lifestyle. (Sign up for the newsletter for updates and earlybird pricing)

  • If you are part of a FLR, join us for a weekend training retreat. Dominant women and their companion(s) can take part in lifestyle training, learn how to deepen your power exchange relationship, and new skills and technique.
  • The second style is an immersive slave experience for those who dream of serving in a Female led society. This is a service based retreat, for the enjoyment and amusement of the Ladies.

“I live out of state/country, how can I see you?”

I travel nationally and internationally. I update My calendar often, all scheduled destinations and dates will be listed as soon as possible. Keep an eye out, I may be coming to a city near you!
If I am already in the area, standard rates apply. Contact Me for additional information and make sure to include your location in the email.

Don’t see your city listed yet?  I am available to session or film anywhere in the world for well established, select clients. 

“How can I tribute?”

I accept most modern tribute methods. Of course, I love to take your cash while you bow before Me but technology has allowed for more convenience and options…

Vanilla: these apps are secure and protected.  Only write “deposit” or “gift” and your name in the notes section.



  • I Want Clips store.  Don’t forget to buy or order a custom clip while you’re there.  Follow the link to the right…
  • Niteflirt call, purchase Goodies, or leave a tribute to get My attention


Money order: you may request information for sending a money order in the mail.  


A deposit is required for all appointments.  Deposits can be made via any of the Tribute methods above. The deposit is due 24 hours prior to the appointment time, failure to meet the deadline will result in cancellation and I will book over you.  I recommend sending it as soon as possible.

Deposits are non-refundable.  I have expenses associated with your appointment whether you show up or not. See Cancellation policy for more details.

Cancellation Policy

My time is valuable and I expect you to keep your appointments when I set aside time for you.  I understand that things happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule.

Let Me know as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.  Deposits are not refundable and covers the expenses associated with your appointment. 

More than 24 hours: you may reschedule with no penalty, the deposit will be applied to the new appointment within 30 days

12-24 hours: 50% tribute is required, you will be allowed to reschedule once the penalty is cleared

Less than 12 hours: 100% tribute is required, you will be allowed to reschedule after the penalty is cleared 

No-call/No-shows will not be permitted to reschedule.


Wishlist items are always considered gifts.  Gifts are welcome and appreciated. They are not accepted in lieu of tribute for sessions, online training, etc.

“How do I prepare for a session/scene?”

  • Hygiene: shower, shave, brush your teeth, wear clean underwear, put on deodorant…Do NOT come to a session with bad breath or BO, you’ll be sent home.
  • Any specific instructions will be given to you when you book an appointment.
  • Eat.  I will ask when the last you ate and drank water, we don’t want you to pass out.
  • DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES BEFORE YOUR SESSION!!!! I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, it makes Me sick and I will not deal with it.  Please make sure you don’t stink (hands, clothes, breath).

“What do I do when I arrive?”

  • Don’t touch Me
  • Be on time.  Don’t arrive early, we may be using a public dungeon and interrupting someone else’s scene.
  • Text Me once when you arrive, I will let you know when it’s acceptable to come in.
  • Turn your ringer off while inside the location.  There are few things that kill the mood faster than a cell phone going off.
  • Tribute shall be in an unsealed envelope and placed in plain sight upon arrival.
  • Maintain proper protocol at all times.
  • Talk to Me! Communication is crucial for your safety